Stony Mountain Vineyards Wedding

Stony Mountain Vineyards wedding in North Carolina. Congrats to Tyler and Katharine as there wedding photographer in Charlotte we were so happy to finally meet them and work with them on their Stony Mountain Vineyards wedding. When they booked us at Bridal Shoot Photography for their Stony Mountain Vineyard wedding as there wedding photographer last year we had a great time talking with them about their wedding details but did not imagine it will be this beautiful. After seeing everything in person and the outcome of the wedding photos at the Stony Mountain Vineyard I am sure they will love all of their wedding photos. Once again congrats to both of your from Charlotte wedding photographer Bridal Shoot Photography North Carolina wedding photographer in Charlotte.

As seen in the Stony Mountain Vineyards wedding photos above this is one of the best hidden treasures when it comes to wedding venues in North Carolina. Weddings at the Stony Mountain Vineyards offer brides a very beautiful and calm wedding atmosphere. Katharine and Tyler could not have picked a better location for their wedding. We really enjoyed their Stony Mountain Vineyards wedding.