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Cold Bridal Session in Charlotte

Bridal Portraits Charlotte Bridal Shoot Wedding PhotographersAs one of the best wedding photographers in Charlotte NC our wedding photos speak for itself so a lot of times there are brides who we do not meet until the day of the wedding. I wouldn’t recommend hiring wedding photographers, wedding planners, or other wedding vendors over the phone unless you are hiring a very established and experienced company for your wedding but it happens. As a destination wedding photographer in Charlotte we don’t meet some brides until the day of the wedding frequently.

After initially canceling a bridal shoot due to her work schedule I had the chance to meet my bride for next weeks wedding today when we took her bridal photos on the roof. She was so brave risking sleet, freezing rain, and the cold during the bridal shoot I know the wedding photos are going to be great. Her bridal photos came out awesome I can’t wait until the wedding. The bridal photo attached was from another bridal shoot from last year in the same location. For bridal photos or wedding photographers in Charlotte is the website for Bridal Shoot Photography an talented North Carolina wedding photographer in Charlotte.