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Wedding Photography in The Summer

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Wedding Photographer North Carolina| As a wedding photographer we have a fair unstainding of  weddings and what it takes to get the best wedding photos. We also have knowledge of what ideas work best for a more joyful wedding reception for the bride, groom and the wedding guest. Normally weddings take place around 3pm inside of a church sanctuary. With a wedding inside the church air conditioning is normally on. A lot of times the temperature is not on a brides mind when it comes to wedding photography in Charlotte. Most brides just book the wedding venue with the thought of beauty and not comfort. The reason I wanted to write about this is because in order to achieve the best wedding photos from your wedding photographers, the bride which is the subject must be comfortable and the wedding photographer has to be comfortable also. At times brides may insist on a certain time regardless if the wedding photographer or wedding planner would suggest otherwise. There have been countless engagement sessions and bridal sessions I think of over the years that where cut short due to a bride being dehydrated or hot. As a wedding photographer in Charlotte when I start someting I love to finish. To stop a engagement session or cut post wedding photography short due to the weather is depressing but it is understandable.  I wanted to write this to warn potential brides who are planning weddings  for next summer to pay attention to the weather for the time you are wedding planning for. Wedding photos in a heavy wedding dress are best after 6pm in the summer and bridal photos can be taken in the morning not in the middle of the day. For wedding photography in Charlotte from a photographer with tons of experience contact Bridal Shoot Photography North Carolina wedding photographers in Charlotte.