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Wedding Photography in a Flash Wedding photography in Charlotte can offer a few variables in order to get a great shot when a wedding photographer is shooting without flash. Depending on the wedding venue flash is always prohibited. In this post I wanted to focus on some of the pre wedding aspects you should focus on such as venue restrictions and the quality of the wedding photographers photography equipment and their skills and expertise as a wedding photographer. At Bridal Shoot Photography working as wedding photographers in Charlotte NC has given us the opportunity to work in a wide variety of wedding venues and provide wedding photography in multiple scenarios including at times without a flash for wedding photography at certain churches. When shooting without flash you could end up with either dark or blurry photos if the wedding photographer does not have the correct equipment. Sometimes even with the correct equipment shooting good wedding photos can prove to be a challenge to the wedding photographer. Recently a fellow North Carolina wedding photographer in Charlotte asked; how are our wedding photos so good without flash? Honestly with the right camera and lens a wedding photographer can take wedding photos without flash with the same quality of wedding photographers who use a flash. To avoid a situation that can lead to wedding photos you are not pleased with it is best to check if your wedding venue has restrictions on wedding photographers. After checking the wedding venue requirements it is best to make sure your wedding photographer is equipped. With the Charlotte wedding photographers of Bridal Shoot Photography we can work in any environment for wedding photography.