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Winter Wedding Photography

Bridal Shoot Photography Charlotte wedding photographers | I have wrote about wedding photos in the Fall before but with winter approaching today I wanted to talk about the benefits of wedding photography in the winter. Depending on your climate and what part of the country you are getting married in has a big impact on the way your winter wedding photos will look. As one of the leading wedding photographers in Charlotte I often look at other wedding photographers work outside of the Charlotte area to keep up with trends and ideas that are popular in the field of wedding photography. Like some wedding photos I seen in Canada recently. The beauty of the wedding photos in the snow made it something to remember. That can only happen with winter wedding photography.

Every season has it benefit when it comes to weddings and photography. The summer is normally beautiful but hot if the wedding is outside in the mid afternoon and the fall could be rainy but normally comfortable but when it comes to winter weddings there are so many good reason to have them as well as reasons not to. The obvious is it is cold and some people may not be comfortable taking photos outside but as a wedding photographer in Charlotte for us there is nothing better than a bridal photo in the snow or with ice outside. It just seems to mesh so well with the wedding dress. For us that is a rarity because of the climate we live in as Charlotte wedding photographers but when the opportunity arises we go for it.